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Campus Tech Support: Home

Computer Support

For issues regarding online library resources contact the library at:


To submit a ticket for a campus computer issue email your issue with any details to:

  • Cleary IT direct line: (517) 338-3019


Password Recovery Procedure

Reset password instructions.  For more details and step illustrations, open the PDF file below.

Password Recovery Procedure

1. In your browser, navigate to

a. Note: This process will reset your Canvas and Gmail account as well, so please be wary of this.

a. Note: Please allow for up to 15 minutes for your password to sync to all of our systems. 

2. In the resulting screen from step 1, enter your student email.

3. Select a recovery method and wait for the instructions to arrive to complete this process.

4. Enter in the recovery pin.

5. Enter in your new password. Once this is complete, attempt to use your new password.

a. If you continue to have issues, please email for assistance.