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From the Ballfield to the Boardroom e-book

From the Ballfield to the Boardroom: Management Lessons from Sports

Goff, B. (2005). From the ballfield to the boardroom : Management lessons from sports. Retrieved from

Helpful NAIC and SIC codes for your research:


Professional Sports Teams and Organizations: 711211

Other Spectator Sports: 711219

Sporting & Athletic Goods Manufacturing: 339920

Sporting Goods Stores: 451110

Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers: 713940

Amusement/Recreation: 713990


Sporting & Athletic Goods Manufacturing: 3949

Sporting Goods Stores: 5941

Amusement/Recreation: 7999

Professional Sports Teams and Organizations:7941

Commercial Sports: 794

​What are NAIC and SIC codes?  Review the Industry Research guide for help...

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