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Why is it important to encourage students to use the library?

The Cleary University Library...

  • ...exposes students to a wider variety of information resources they will find on their own.
  • ...helps students develop critical thinking skills.
  • ...can save them time while helping them find the best resources for their projects.
  • ...has a librarian who can help them better understand their assignments and the resources they need.

Library instruction helps student retention!

View Academic Library on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects for more information.

Incorporate the Library Into Your Course

  • Talk to the librarian about your research assignments.
  • Set up a mini-workshop with the librarian to learn about Cleary University's online resources.
  • Invite the librarian to your class to jumpstart research!
  • Suggest (or require) students to consult with librarian.

Research Instruction

Help your students get a jump-start on their research by inviting me to your class.  I will work-up an assignment-specific lesson plan to help your students going in the right direction to find your preferred resource-types.

Custom LibGuides to Support Your Courses

Would you like to have a guide specific to a course you teach so that your students can easily access the best resources and information?  We can work together to make that happen.

Databases Especially for Faculty & Staff

Student Activities Supporting Information Literacy

Do your students know...

  • ...the difference between a web page and a journal article?
  • how to develop effective search vocabulary to locate the information they need?
  • how to use a professional database?
  • how and when to cite resources for their papers and projects?

If your students needs some hands-on activities to help them with these and other information literacy issues, please contact me at  We can collaborate and figure out the best way to help your students learn crucial skills that will help them in their professional and personal lives.

Need Help?

Click the button below to initiate an online chat with a librarian day or night  (24/7)! The librarian will help you find resources or figure out APA.


Or email