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Educational Resources for K-College: Communication

Educational resources to help K-12 students learn.


  • Communication platform that pushes messages, creates campaigns, and also supports as an interactive bot-chat.
  • "To support the educational community and government institutions during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering free access to the AdmitHub platform so you can provide clear, immediate answers about the pandemic."
  • Free. Education Administrators.


  • Communication, community-building tool.
  • Students can show - share work online.
  • Always Free. Teachers w/parents.


  • Webinar software with tips for teachers and parents
  • Allows interaction between teachers, parents, students
  • Free - inexpensive option to facilitate real-time interactions online.


  • Web conferencing software that allows screen-sharing, break-out rooms, cloud recording, collaboration.
  • Free accounts with premium features & no meeting time limits. No clearly-stated end date.
  • Free.  Teachers, Administrators.