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Educational Resources for K-College: Preschool-5th Grade

Educational resources to help K-12 students learn.

Ages of Learning Products

  • Literacy, math, science, health, social studies, art- and music- based activities.
  • Free home and school access during school closure.  Requires a teacher of school administrator to set up all free accounts.
  • Free. Teachers & Parents.


  • Interactive online activities for all subject areas.
  • Free during school closure.  Teachers & Parents.

Book Creator

  • Interactive, online book creation for students
  • Free resources online for learning activities.
  • 14-day free upgraded "collaboration trial." Teachers & Administrators.


  • Interactive, educational games for all ages.
  • Free during school closure.
  • Parents


  • "Record your lesson using the video feature, or create an activity template for your student to complete at home." 
  • Free classroom accounts during school closure
  • Free. Teachers


  • Arts, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Career & Technical Education
  • Community for teaching and learning.
  • Always free. Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators.


  • Interactive platform for foreign language learning (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Portuguese) - vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games. 
  • Free accounts w/public content available.
  • Students, Teachers, & Administrators.


  • Literacy in English and Spanish.
  • If you are a school or district leader, reach out directly to our team at We can provide free virtual training and digital resource packs to support contingency plans.
  • Teachers & Administrators


  • Educational videos w/many subject areas covered.
  • Free access to Premium Content during school closure.  Teachers & Parents.

Classroom Secrets

  • Math, phonics, reading, spelling.
  • "Fun, Practical, Engaging learning and activities" for young students.
  • Beta. Free until April. Parents & Teachers.

CK-12 Foundation

  • Science, Math, Social Studies, Photography
  • "Each lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions, and self-graded practice questions.  Lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom."
  • Multi-format - readings, video, activities.
  • Always Free. Teachers & Parents.

CircleTime Fun

  • Stories, music, cooking, exercise.
  • Live classes "with an expert."
  • Parents.code: homefun1


  • Application in Beta allows students to solve math problems, take a picture of them, and get instant feedback and corrections.
  • CheckMath for your Class pdf
  • Free. Use with Smartphone or Ipad. Teachers & Parents


  • English, Math Science.
  • Helps teacher "identify roadblocks," and intervenes with AI to help students learn easier.  Creates learning paths specific to each learner.
  • Free during closure. Teachers.


  • Education platform. Examples.
  • " edtech tool that allows you to teach and engage students by taking your usual lesson materials and turn them into guided activities that let your students show you what they know as they work at their own pace."
  • Free 3-month accounts for affected schools. Teachers.

Discovery Ed

  • Science, Social Studies, Math, STEM, Math, Professional Development.
  • Providing free access to "Discovery Education Experience" —the Viruses and Outbreak Channel—
  • Free for specific content.  Administrators.


  • Distance learning platform
  • Scavenger hunt, resource comparison, presentation piece activities, collaboration space.
  • Free.  Teachers. 


  • Create courses, mix & match learning activities, track student progress.
  • Free until late July.  Teachers.


  • Edulastic allows teachers to make their own assessments and assignments or choose from over 35,000 pre-made assessments.
  • Peer-review, draft submission and revision functionality. 
  • Free-forever accounts for teachers.  Premium and Enterprise features free until July 2020.


  • Create lessons based on YouTube videos, monitor student viewing, develop assignments.
  • Free Trial period.

Purple Mash by 2Simple

Vroom App

  • Science.
  • Free educational tips and science explanation for parents of children 0 to 5 available by app, text, and printables.
  • Always Free.  Parents.


  • K-5. "Curriculum builds deep understanding and a love of learning math for all students."
  • Materials, data, and support for daily math, all in one place. 
  • Always free.  Teachers.


  • Develop, manage, and distribute course materials
  • Record grades and attendance in our online gradebook
  • Free basic version.