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Writing and APA Citation Resources: Writing Resources

Contact the Writing Center!

Our mission is to improve students' writing skills one assignment at a time and, in turn, create stronger writers at Cleary University. 

The most successful students are those who reach out for help.  The Writing Center services are here to help you improve your assignments, but more importantly, to make you a better communicator. 

Email and attach the assignment you'd like help with.  We can often send comments and suggestions directly to you via email.  If you'd like some additional help with writing, we will either meet with you in person or follow up via email or set up a Zoom (video) session.

Free Online Grammar Check Software

These resources analyze your writing and can often catch grammar and spelling errors. However, they are not perfect and do not catch everything

Please check with the Writing Center ( for additional one-on-one help with your writing if you would like more assistance with improving your writing.

Do Grammar and Spelling Affect Business Communication?

Improving your writing skills may help your grades while you're a student at Cleary University, but it will also add to your professionalism after you graduate and enter the workforce.  For an example of this, look at this blog article about typos in online advertising from Website Planet.

Grammar Guides and Resources

Here are some resources that give examples on how to construct effective sentences. Are using the preposition you really need? Want to know how to correct run-on sentences? These links can help you! If you have more questions, please contact the Writing Center (