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Writing and APA Citation Resources: APA 7th (Professional)

Graduate and Professional APA 7 Resources

Graduate students can generally use the same rules outlined on the APA 7th (Student Version) page with the exception of their program capstone project.  Program capstones should incorporate the paper formatting rules outlined for APA 7th Professional Papers. The professional rules include:

  • Professional title page - scroll down the linked page to see the professional title page example
  • Running head throughout paper
  • Abstract
  • Keywords

Example of correctly formatted professional paper in APA 7th

Reference and In-text Citation Formatting

Most all of the examples posted on the APA 7th Student version page are the same for APA 7th Professional version, with the exception of journal articles. Consult the handout below for details on formatting journal articles for your graduate program capstone.

This video shows you how to get the correct data into Zotero so that your journal references are correctly formatted in APA 7 format.  It shows you how to find the DOIs in ProQuest and how to format them correctly for your professional capstone.

Formatting APA 7th Professional Paper

VIDEO CONTENTS 0:00 Introduction 1:27 General Formatting and Paper Set-Up 3:34 Title Page 11:48 Abstract 13:18 Writing the Main Text 15:04 Section Headings 18:38 End Matter: References, Footnotes, Tables, Figures, Appendices 22:16 Closing Thoughts