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Database Help: About Databases & Search Tips

The Cleary U. Library facilitates access to almost 30 (mostly academic) databases. Which one should you use? How can you get the most out of using the databases? This guide will help you answer those questions!

What are "databases?"

Databases are organized collections of records.  In the context of the library, these "records" can be articles, ebooks, documents, or citations & abstracts.  The professional databases in the library collection will give you access to a lot of information that you cannot find via Google (or find very easily).  Almost all of the information from the databases is behind a paywall.  But because you are a student or employee of Cleary U., you can access these resources for free by logging in with your Cleary ID and password.

Search Tips for ProQuest and EBSCO

Need Help?

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Which database should I use?

That's a great question!  Of course the answer depends on what you're looking for.  There are general databases that are great for almost any topic.  There are subject-specific databases that will give you only a very narrow set resources.  So, how do you tell?

If you're interested in books or ebooks, visit this page, otherwise continue below....

Check out a more complete list of databases and their descriptions,  The database A to Z page will also let you focus on specific academic areas of study.  For example, you can look at just the Business databases.

Narrowing databases to the area of Law.